Posted by: mountderek | May 26, 2012

Take me out to the ball game…

Social Media’s Major Role in Major League Baseball…

Statistics show there are  175,000,000 North American Facebook users and over 465 , 000, 000 Twitter accounts world wide making it impossible to find and industry that hasn’t been influenced by social media. Major League Baseball is no exception. The way we interact with players, the way we watch the game, the way the league promotes, and the way we share our facts, feelings, and opinions has all been changed through social media usage.


Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed players and fans the ability to interact directly. There are close to 2, 000, 000 MLB twitter followers, and approx. 1, 150, 000 ‘Facebook likes‘. Following the lives of your favourite players has become simpler than ever before. Every Major League Baseball organization is now active online, and stars like Jose Bautista, and Heath Bell aren’t able to resist the addiction; tweeting about everything from the game to their taste in music. Although this online presence has gone along way in the hearts and minds of the fans it hasn’t always gone well for players. Closing pitcher Jason Motte for example; learned that when the lows came in the game they’ll be fast, hard, and painful online.


Social media in the MLB is beginning to have proven influence on both the kind of viewers that are watching the game and the quantity of them as well. MLB viewership has increased 7% from 2010-2011 and a younger demographic has been targeted using social media. Only 18% of MLB fans are between the ages of 18-29. This demographic known as ‘Gen Y’  happens to be the most active online, is twice as likely to visit twitter, and 60% more likely to contribute to blogs. This is fact hasn’t been over looked by Major League Baseball which explains their constant presence on  sites likes Twitter, and Facebook. Twitter has become a fantastic way to follow play by-play action, to get great links to baseball highlights and to read posts from your favourite teams, players, and coaches.

MLB Fan Cave…

Online influence has become such a strong presence in professional baseball the MLB built a 15,000 sq ft. social media center known as the Fan Cave in New York City. The Fan Cave has hired 9 ‘cave dwellers’ to hang out and watch every baseball game of the season live (*dream job*). Celebrites, entertainers and major league players drop by to help create viral content and footage that can be seen by millions of fans world wide. This social media center is something that has never been done in baseball before and it has exceeded all of their major goals and expectations…

  1. Engaging fans and players
  2. Reaching younger fans
  3. Converting casual fans into avid followers


“Take me out to the ball game”….is no longer neccessary. The ball game is now coming to you and in a big way. Fans like myself have the ability to become more involved than ever before. There is more content, stats, facts, videos, and online footage out there than ever before. It is an exciting time for baseball. Make sure to get online and start interacting. Thanks for the read, can’t wait for your feedback, and I look forward to seeing you out there online.



  1. Great post Derek! It must make it so much easier to stay connected to the game while on the go. The whole nature of the sports industry (watching or listening to live games, sharing and re-watching play-by-plays) ties in really well with the capabilities of social media platforms – so it’s no wonder so many fans flock to these sites for updates and to stay close to the game. Every sports fan I know considers themselves as ‘part of the team’, so what could be better than being connected to the players and team on a more personal level?

    I think you’ve set a really good base for your final assignment!

    • This was my final assignment hahaha, lol now you have me worried that it’s not enough. I appreciate the positive feedback though. I have one more post I’m putting with a few statistics but then that’s it for me on the industry influence blogs.

      • that’s awesome! i wasn’t counting the words so I wasn’t sure if it was final or not….haha!

        You tied everything up so nicely – gives me hope that it can be done in 500 words 🙂

  2. I think it’s cool being able to interact with the players and get a little look into the life of a professional athlete….

    Makes me envious of both money and ability….

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